International Trade and Investment Law
03/11/13 by Renata in Blog

Keep Brazil on your business radar screen

The story of Eike Batista, the Brazilian tycoon who went from being the seventh richest man in the world in 2012 to bankrupt in less than a year has...

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04/09/13 by Renata in Blog

Creating Successful Joint Ventures in Emerging Markets

In my spare time I like to canvass international business publications in search of different perspectives and tips that could be useful for North American companies. After all, why...

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26/05/13 by Renata in Blog

Shale gas: opportunities and challenges

The successful US experience in the production of shale gas and its positive impact on the competitiveness of American manufacturing have motivated Brazil to pursue the development of shale...

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24/05/13 by Renata in Blog

Doing business in South America: has the time come?

Press reports on Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trip to Peru and Colombia seem to suggest that Canadian — and by extension American — businesses should avoid the “protectionist”...

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