International Trade and Investment Law

Doing business abroad has its challenges. Whether you are looking for new markets for your products or services, new sources of supply or new investment opportunities, dealing with foreign languages, different business cultures and complex regulatory environments can be confusing and off-putting. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with little or no international experience beyond the US market.

Specialized in creating and strengthening trade and investment ties with emerging markets, particularly in South America, Renata applies her extensive diplomatic experience, studies in international relations and Canadian legal training to help clients navigate the complexities of foreign jurisdictions.

Services include:

Market Accessibility

  • Help identify potential markets for your products and services
  • Advise you on how to take advantage of international trade agreements to reduce or eliminate import barriers in foreign markets

Trade and Investment Facilitation

  • Liaise with local lawyers, government agencies and prospective customers to ensure the transaction goes smoothly
  • Review proposed contracts
  • Follow up on sales contracts

Government Relations

  • Advance your interests before the Canadian provincial and federal governments as well as foreign governments

Customs Law

  • Advise and represent you with respect to Canadian import rules and procedures and tariff classification issues

Trade Remedies

  • Counsel and act for you in Canadian proceedings involving dumping, i.e., sales at less than the product’s normal value (antidumping duties), subsidies (countervailing duties) and surges in imports (safeguards) as well as in multilateral and regional forums

Dispute Settlement

  • Advise you on the enforcement of international trade agreements and represent you in dispute settlement proceedings under the WTO, free trade agreements and investment treaties

Legal Translation

  • Translate contracts, memorandums of understanding, letters of intent, marriage, birth and divorce certificates and other legal documents into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

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